Prog. Punk. Rock. Sirens. Blast beats. Melt them all down and you might just end up with Signals of Bedlam.

After 4 years of gigging around NYC and the northeast and 3 years after releasing their debut album “No Gods, No Monsters”, Signals of Bedlam have released their second album Escaping Velocity via Bandcamp, Spotify, Itunes, and GooglePlay Music. Escaping Velocity is a work that is much more polished, ambitious, and definitive of the band beyond anything else they have ever produced. Every member of Signals of Bedlam has dedicated themselves to both the discovery of an individual voice on their instrument and to the difficult, yet deeply satisfying work of creative collaboration.

Escaping Velocity is progressive rock. Signals of Bedlam have many influences, but the bands that draw them together are Karnivool, The Mars Volta, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and The Dear Hunter.

Escaping Velocity was produced, recorded, and mixed by Frank Mitaritonna at Vudu Studios who has worked with The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Dear Hunter, Glassjaw, and O’Brother, mastered with Paul Gold at Salt Mastering who has polished up albums for LCD Soundsystem and Animal Collective, and has cover art created by K3N ( who has done the majority of the artwork for metal pioneers Lamb of God.


Praise for Escaping Velocity:

“Signals of Bedlam? In a perfect universe, this band will become huge stars..Vocalist [Cero Cartera] is as talented and mesmerizing a singer as Maynard James Keenan. Guitarist [Tom Hoy] is the perfect foil for [Cartera], and the rhythm section of Rich Abidor on drums and bassist Chika Obiora are as adept at laying down lush, solid foundations as they are at explosive blast beats...My hand to God, there is not a single weak track on this record... And this is one of those times I’d love to give them a six out of five rating.” (5/5)


“Signals of Bedlam is definitely a band I’d like to see live. Who doesn’t love a thumping rhythm section with great vocals?...Trust me on this one!”

– The Aquarian Weekly

“Escaping Velocity is a beautiful album ripe for prog worship...the compositions are varied and, more importantly, strong enough to draw in fans from both the rock and metal camps. And with The Mars Volta gone, these guys seem capable of sliding right into that role.” (8.7/10)

– Metal Trenches

Signals of Bedlam has also been featured on The Discovery Hour on Breakthru Radio, The Rodent Hour, Real Punk Radio, Pissed Off Radio, Rocker’s Dive Radio, Straight to Your Head podcast, The Movies and Stuff (formerly Shut Up Kids) podcast, and Firebrand After Dark Magazine.

Cero Cartera


Tom Hoy

Lead Guitar

Chika Obiora


Rich Abidor